July 17, 2017

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Bay Area Guy said...

I am hoping that columnist Charles Blow of the NYTimes runs for President in 2020. I'm serious. The NYTimes has inserted itself into the political debate by promoting a Leftwing agenda, and Mr. Blow is a valid proponent of said agenda. He should throw his hat into the ring.

Also, Mr. Blow should pick as his running mate, recently defeated congressional candidate, Jon Ossoff. They would make a dynamite team. Their slogan?

"This time, they won't Blow-Ossoff!"

I am not Laslo.

Fernandinande said...

The medical breakthroughs just keep on happenin'!

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Nothing about telomeres or epigenetics. Yet.

Rick Turley said...

Echinops ritro?

Kevin said...

Beautiful photo. Does this mean the cat's owners have returned?

sunsong said...

“Seize the moments of happiness,
love and be loved! That is the only
reality in the world, all else is folly.”

― Leo Tolstoy

Michael K said...

Great Richard Fernandez column today.

The political system will have to better adapt to survive. For good or ill Washington must learn to deal with a whole new global landscape thronged with kaiju: a challenging China, a thrusting Russia, trillions in debt and a restive domestic middle class. They have not yet arrived inside the Beltway but their deep footsteps can be dimly heard. Trump isn't Godzilla, just the advance man.

Also, Now this smug city has turned into a haunted "Tokyo-on-the-Potomac" cowering in the capricious presence of a brooding Godzilla. But maybe Trump isn't Godzilla after all: only his shadow. Mark Zuckerberg, on a visit to Williston, North Dakota described an encounter with a primitive force. In his Facebook page Zuckerberg produced this dispatch from the frontier.

Pretty amusing. Visiting th zoo and watching the animals. They are really exotic.

One person told me the night the pipeline was approved, people lit fireworks and rode trucks with American flags down Main Street to celebrate.

Strange native rituals. Sort of like the national anthem or something.

Sample Commenter said...

I have some really funny material on Hank Williams for a comedy routine, but people don't laugh at the best line. Go figure. They don't laugh at the insight that inspired all of the other funny jokes.

Feste said...

“you can keep the conversation going”

My new razor came in the mail today.

From Laslo-Keitel Enterprises, Razor Division.

Large print said, “18 yr. olds, wrap this sucker around your dick, it’s the only blade that gives a shave and a blow job at the same time.”

Super fine print - -666 pica - product liability warning from the PROPHET - “for use only by 18 yr. olds who have taken too much grow-your-cock-medicine.”

Why didn’t I see this message from the PROPHET in time?

Sample Commenter said...

They just look sort of puzzled.

madAsHell said...

Martin Landau has died. RIP Mr. Landau.

traditionalguy said...

You got it right. Today is TCU Media Day.

exiledonmainstreet said...

From the link Michael K. provided, Zuckerberg's take on North Dakota:

"The invention of new techniques to fracture rock (fracking) to extract oil led to a boom where tens of thousands of workers moved from all around the country to pursue new jobs in this industry. ... They come here because these are good jobs where people with a high school diploma can make $100,000 a year. ... The school superintendent told me about how the school system went from shrinking and closing schools to surging from 500 to 1,500 students in less than a decade. ...

When the Dakota Access Pipeline was approved, that removed $6-7 per barrel of cost from producing oil in the region, which brought more investment and jobs here. A number of people told me they had felt their livelihood was blocked by the government, but when Trump approved the pipeline they felt a sense of hope again."

Do you think any of those people give a good goddamn what CNN and the NY Times have to say about Russians?

Michael K said...

"Do you think any of those people give a good goddamn what CNN and the NY Times have to say about Russians? "

No but I would like to have seen Zuckerberg's head snap around like Linda Blair's in Exorcist.

Khesanh 0802 said...

From Powerline blog some supported skepticism on "Climate Change". Link. Tough going on the linked report, but seems to make sense of other things we know.

Sample Commenter said...

The memiest meme of all CNN/Media vs Trump memes

A late entry, but they needed the time!

BudBrown said...

So what's the saddest Dylan song?

Ann Althouse said...

"So what's the saddest Dylan song?"

I don't know, but the first one that crossed my mind was "Ballad in Plain D."