May 10, 2009

Alex Kozinski: ""Supreme court Justices are not bound by anything."

"You can never really tell how someone is going to be until they get into that position. There's a certain freedom that comes with being a Supreme Court justice that is like nothing else."

This is true. We are talking about highly ambitious individuals, who must win great favor if they are to make that last leap to the top of their profession. Who can know what they will do once they've snagged that spot? Their interests suddenly shift.


former law student said...

When I read "a candidate has emerged from the Ninth Circuit" I was hoping it would be Kozinski -- now that would be a bold, ecumenical choice.

downtownlad said...

Kozinski would probably be the best possible choice.

I can't think of one politician that would choose him though. Except Ron Paul.

DenisEugeneSullivan said...


I used to have an Administrative Law professor who was fond of saying that the Constitution was whatever the Supreme Court said it was.

Mortimer Brezny said...

Kazinki assumes Justices are not bottoms.