February 16, 2008

Update on women I've talked about recently.

1. Heather Mills gets a mere £55 million. And she binds herself to never tell the story of what went on between her and Paul McCartney. It's a settlement of the case, and Mills was proceeding without a lawyer. As you can see from the previous post, Mills had already received a £55 offer and asking for £70 million to £80 million. I speculated that she was going for more money and representing herself to make the movie story of her life juicier with that confrontation in court — remember Angela Bassett telling off Laurence Fishburne in divorce court? — but the secrecy deal rules that out.

2. Jane Fonda apologized. After I lauded her for that deliberate enunciation of the word "cunt" on "The Today Show."
"She didn't say it to be shocking. She was just quoting the title of her scene in 'The Vagina Monologues,'" said Fonda's flack Pat Kingsley. "She didn't come up with the word."

Kingsley said the "Barbarella" actress, who was scheduled to perform the play last night at Madison Square Garden, regretted using the word, insisting "it was a slip."

"She certainly meant no disrespect," Kingsley said.
Oh, bullshit. But kudos to The Daily News. "Flack" — great word. And: "the 'Barbarella' actress." Ha ha. That's not pristine journalism, but so what? Fonda saying "cunt" is not really news.


From Inwood said...


George said...

Jane Fonda was born in 1937. Seventy years old.

PatCA said...

Poor Heather didn't get what she wanted and planned for! I could loan her a few bucks to tide her over.

Mortimer Brezny said...

Mills must be hopping mad. Too bad for her that her legal case didn't have a leg to stand on.

Middle Class Guy said...

Much ado about nothing, but it was fun while it lasted.

john said...

Damn, Jane really sticks to her guns. She could really wrap her legs around the ole flintlock, back in her day at least.

I'll bet she and Ted hunted buffalo on their ranch. She would aim straight for the oysters.

Ron said...

Is it comforting to think that 'Barbarella actress' will be in the opening description of Jane's canned obit? I think so...

former law student said...

It's Britney Spears envy. In her day, Jane could never have literally displayed her cunt in public, and now all she can do is flash it orally.

rhhardin said...

The poet's friend :

$ grep '^.unt$' /usr/dict/words

rhhardin said...

Hear also an Imus discussion of a book by Phil Kuntz here June 9, 2000.

B said...

I work with a woman who was Pat Kingsley's first hire, a personal assistant. The stories of her 7 years helping build the business make for fascinating after-work dinner conversation for the office crew. At least 2 books could be written from the early years alone about the queen of talent management.

The Tom Cruise / Pat Kingsley split will one day be told in full (my associate still has close contacts), and it is hair-raising!
You will completely forget Angelina, her brother, Britney, Paris, et al, when the day comes that you finally hear about it.

Greg said...

Ya gotta admit, as 'slips of the tongue' go, cunt as to be the best.

Anthony said...

A slip? It sounded to me as though Jane had it planned as some sort of a joke.
I suppose if no one had complained or it hadn't become much of a story she wouldn't have apologized.

That was an apology, right?

She's 70, has more money than God ... what does she care what people think?